While events are not taking place, restaurants are closed and we are encouraged to 'stay at home' we wanted to bring as much of the experience and quality as we can to you - while also having fun with likeminded people, brands and initiatives. We're excited to announce that we have partnered with Foodslut to create the 'slutty burger' DIY kits, with 50% of proceeds going to the Felix Project.

Foodslut was started by Jack Whitehall, his brother Barney Whitehall and friend Marcus Petty Saphon as a way to celebrate and share fun, delicious and ‘slutty’ recipes during lockdown. The food blog recently held their stay at home burger competition, which saw hundreds of entries and also raised funds for The Felix Project. The competition saw Jack cook along live on instagram with the likes of Jamie Redknapp, Gordon Ramsay and his parents, Michael and Hilary. The winners were judged by a panel including Gregg Wallace and Candice Brown.

We're donating 50% of all proceeds to The Felix Project who collect fresh, nutritious food around London that cannot be sold. They deliver this surplus food to charities and schools so they can provide healthy meals and help the most vulnerable in our society. Now more than ever the charity welcomes donations to help families during this period.


Below we have listed a step by step guide to help you prepare the ultimate 'slutty burgers' for you to enjoy with your household.

Included in the pack, making 4 double patty burgers for £30 [+ delivery] :

* 4 x Brioche Buns
* 600g x Burger Patty Mince
* 8 x American Cheese
* FOODSLUT Bacon Jam
* Brown Butter Burger Sauce
* Bread & Butter Pickles
* Crispy Shallots

You will need to provide:

* Iceberg Lettuce



Take your HG Walter beef mince out of the packet and split it into 8 equal sized balls (approx 75g each). Very thinly slice your iceberg lettuce (as seen in step 3).


Slice the buns in half and toast them in your frying pan, cut side down until golden brown.


On the bases of your toasted buns, dollop 1 tbsp of brown butter burger sauce and cover the base. Put a generous amount of sliced iceberg lettuce on top and 3 slices of your pickles.


Get your large frying pan smoking hot. Once hot put a small amount of oil in each pan and place 4 of the beef balls in each pan. SMASH them down into the pan until quite thin. Use something large and flat for this, the bottom of a pot works well (oil the bottom of this as well.) Season with salt & pepper. After 3 minutes flip the smashed patties and season again. THIS MAKES 2 BURGERS - to make all 4 at once you will need 2 pans.


Now place a slice of cheese on all 8 patties and on 4 of the patties put 1 tbsp of the bacon jam. After 3 mins of cooking put the patties without the bacon jam on top of the patties with the jam to make 4 double stack burgers. Sprinkle the double stacks with the crispy shallots.


Top each burger with the top of the bun, for an extra level at this point put a splash of water in the pan and cover with a lid to steam the buns and make the cheese extra melty. Take each burger out of the pan and place on the base.

Don’t forget to use your flag and tag @foodslut and @spooklondon. Enjoy!


The ‘Slutty Burger’ DIY kits are available to buy from

Pre orders are open from Monday 11th May and there will be a limited number available in the first batch. First orders will be delivered on the 20th, 21st, 22rd and 23rd May.

Further step by step guides and videos can be found on the website ( and via their instagram account @foodslut.


Thank you to everyone in advance for your support and orders!